November 29, 2023

Troubleshooting Tips For Sound Issues By Phone Repair Shop Hamilton

Among other reasons, the main reason for using a phone is the ability to hear and listen to calls, and other things, like music. Have you ever faced an issue where you can’t benefit from the audio of your mobile phone? Would you ever want a smartphone from which you can’t hear a thing? No one can stand the sound issues of a smartphone when they know they can’t hear or be heard by a person on the other side. Flagship phones are costly. People purchase these smartphones for various reasons, including original and beautiful audio sounds. Imagine you buy a phone so costly, and it doesn’t even work correctly. Evo Repairs, a phone repair shop in Hamilton, is one of the most popular phone repair stores dealing with iPhone and Android issues. You can get assistance from them. They will troubleshoot and diagnose your issue and develop an excellent solution. But before taking your phone to a professional, you must implement a few DIY remedies to eliminate a fundamental problem. After DIYing on your phone, if the problem persists, bring in the professionals. Let’s go through some simple DIY steps to fix your sound issues. 

Check The Volume

You might be surprised after hearing about this fix. As simple as it may sound, sometimes it is the culprit behind many problems. Check your audio volume from the side buttons and see if the volume is low. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the volume, but rather you have unintentionally lowered it. Many people plug in the headphones and reduce the volume to avoid harming their ears. When they disconnect the headphones from their mobile, they start thinking something has gone wrong with their phones. Don’t panic. Check the audio volume by clicking the top volume button. If the volume is low, you must turn it up to enjoy.

Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

If you suspect that your phone’s audio and sound are not working, you may have turned on the do not disturb mode accidentally. According to phone repair shop Hamilton, the feature makes your phone notifications go silent, and you won’t be able to hear a thing. Usually, people turn this feature on when they are in meetings or when they are sleeping. However, turning this feature on can become a problem if you want to receive all the notifications and calls from your loved ones or boss. Swipe down from the top to fix the issue and bring the control panel down. See if the option is enabled. Disable it by clicking. 

Bluetooth Problems

Many people connect their phone to a Bluetooth device, a headset, or a car and forget about it. If your phone is connected to Bluetooth, it might be possible that you won’t hear a thing. Whether you are trying to play or hear any audio from your phone or speakers, you will face this problem. If you think this is the reason behind your problem, go to settings, Bluetooth, and see if your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device. If yes, disconnecting it will resolve the issue. Local phone repair shop says that sometimes the issue is just because of a lack of knowledge which can be fixed with the proper fixes and approaches. However, some issues are more significant and need extra care and effort. 

Reset Your Phone

Another fix recommended by Smartphone Repair Hamilton is to reset your phone. Resetting is advised as a last resort because it can delete all the data from your phone including pictures, videos, documents, files, contacts, etc. If you have tried and implemented everything and still facing the issue, it is time to go for a resetting, but remember to backup the data before doing that. Go to settings, general, click on resetting and erase or reset your phone settings. According to Samsung phone repair Hamilton, the process will be different for each smartphone model if you are an Android user. After resetting, see if the issue is gone. If yes, enjoy using your device. If you are still encountering sound issues, it is probably a hardware issue that needs to be addressed by a professional. 

Try the Headset

Another fix is to try a headset, headphones, or Bluetooth device if you are experiencing sound problems. You will likely hear a sound from these devices but not from your phone; it is most likely a hardware issue that an expert must resolve. If you do not hear a sound from these devices, you must keep on implementing DIY methods to fix the issue. The professionals working at a phone repair shop in Hamilton provide premium service at affordable prices. A hardware problem cannot be fixed at home. You may wonder if getting a phone fixed by a professional and paying for it is acceptable. The repairs depend on the problem’s severity, your phone’s age, and the model. If your phone can be fixed quickly, why spend four figures buying a new one? 

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